Two Locations

Roy Culler Sr. Center                         High Point Public Library

600 N. Hamilton Street                     900 N. Main Street

High Point, NC                                     High Point, NC

Counseling, Preparation and E-filing

          Low and Moderate Incomes


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​​Tax returns we cannot prepare

Schedule C (business profit/loss) if -

1) there is a loss, 2) expenses exceed $10,000, 3) employees, 4) inventory or

5) depreciation  

Schedule D (capital gains and losses) - if complicated or lacking proper documentation

Schedule E (rental property) - with depreciation

Schedule K-1 with depreciation

Schedule F (farm income)

What to bring to your Appointment

Photo ID for taxpayer and spouse (such as a driver's license).  

Social Security number verification for everyone on the tax return.

Proof of Health Insurance

All tax forms - W-2's, interest/dividend statements, retirement account withdrawls etc.

Last year's tax return.